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What is Client Profile Form? 

What is Client Profile Form? 

Every new client need to complete a Client Profile Form with your personal particulars, medical history and lifestyle. The purpose is for us to understand you more and recommend/customize appropriate treatment for you.

For all IPL and equipment treatment, the therapist will explain to you the treatment procedure, customization steps (if any), contraindication, benefits and consent form. This will probably takes about 10 mins. At the same time, you can also share with us any special needs or adjustment request.

After your treatment, we will share with you some good quality home care product and after care advice.

Do you have 100% money back guarantee policy?

No, we do not practice this as we believe the good quality and standard of our service and we should be paid for the service rendered. We do offer promotion trial session for some new services at a heavily discounted rate.

The purpose is for you to feel comfortable with the therapist and built confidence in our treatment and service before committing on the treatment/credit package which is non-transferable and non-refundable.

However, please do not expect to see full benefits immediately with just 1 time trial and that’s the reason why we design a package.

When should I make the balance payment?

The balance of the treatment fees, package price or store value system shall be paid by cash or any other payment system available in the salon. An official receipt will be issued.

How do I know which package or store value is most suitable for me?

Our packages are basically break down into 2 types.

Credit Value system

This is buying an amount up front and get top up with a bonus amount ranging from 10%-20%. Every time you come for treatment, the amount will be deducted from your balance credit value until it gets depleted.

This system allow you to use any of the services listed in the menu.

Treatment package

This is buying either 6 times or 10 times of the same treatments and get additional 1 time or 2 times of the same treatments free accordingly. This is best if you frequently choose a particular service or service combo.

Redemption for lower or top-up for higher value service is subjected to Skosk Beautique Management decision.

Is there an expiry date for your package, store value system and complimentary services?

All sessions of package, credit value system and complimentary services are to be completed within 12 months  from the payment date of all package and credit value system. This is because we do not want customer to just buy and don’t fully utilize and benefit it. All of our packages, credit value system and complimentary services can be comfortably completed within 12 months.

It is our standard practice to send customer a constant reminder if we see there’s a lapse in usage of package/CV and/or when it’s expiring soon.